The Revenant

Recently, I finally got around to watching The Revenant starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy and Domnhall Gleeson amongst others.

Now I haven’t been able to watch films as often as I’d like in recent years and had just got back in the groove by viewing a couple (Both animations) before taking on this two and a half hour epic. It might sound daft but I was well aware that the person on screen was Leonardo DiCaprio pretending to be Hugh Glass! Anyway…

Oh, and I did read the book a few years ago but it didn’t really stay with me like one or two other ‘man in the wild’ books.

I liked the attack scenes (Sorry!) early in the movie. I thought that they were well done though I understand that the start of the film had already skipped a lot of the actual Hugh Glass story. And story it is because we’re presented with a Pawnee son whose existence there’s no evidence of in real life. He also looks quite old but I guess that DiCaprio looks young and, well… you know!

The bear scenes are excellent and seemed extremely real given my unqualified understanding of what a bear genuinely does during and even after an attack.

The film does get a little unbelievable in parts but that’s kind of the thing with the whole Hugh Glass story. For a film that lasts so long, it didn’t seem to, in a good way! He’s on a journey that has plenty of variety and kept me engaged.

The supporting cast is strong, though why only one of them goes off with Glass late in the film, I don’t know… but I’m not giving anything away!

It’s a film based on true events that’s been told many times and likely had bits lost and added but as a film, it’s a very good one, not great (That sounds harsh!) but well worth watching.

Disclaimer: Apologies for the angle of the photo… but I was having reflection issues!

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