Matchbox Twenty

Having previously posted about my declining interest in the band Train…

I felt that another American band merited attention too. Their name… Matchbox Twenty!

They were originally named Matchbox 20 (Not Twenty!) and had evolved from the group Tabitha’s Secret. The band’s first album, titled Yourself or Someone Like You, was released in 1996. The song 3am, which featured on a Tabitha’s Secret album and wasn’t altered much if at all, was one of the hits from the debut record. Long Day, Push and Real World were others.

Kody, Shame and Hang are amongst some of the tracks that appear later on the album. Despite some of the non-singles possessing attitude, they’re generally a little more gentle but help maintain a high quality album.

The record would gain attention later in life when the person on the front of it would claim that he didn’t consent to… being on the front of it!

The five-piece band followed up with 2000s Mad Season and what a record! If You’re Gone is a timeless classic whilst Bent and Last Beautiful Girl were also effective singles. Rest Stop, Leave and Stop are amongst the tracks to help frontman Rob Thomas and co. complete another strong and slightly more polished album.

2002 release More Than You Think You Are does become a little more pop but maintains the character of the band’s music. Disease is the album’s most well known track but Bright Lights and Unwell were strong singles too. You’re So Real and The Difference amongst other songs, help make it a hat-trick of high quality albums for the Orlando originated collective.

It would be a decade before the release of fourth album North and whilst not quite hitting the heights of previous records, it was by no means a disappointment. Crucially, it once again maintained the sound of Matchbox Twenty.

Overjoyed was the hit. It’s a classic love song, not necessarily on a par with If You’re Gone but a good one all the same. The Way (With Kyle Cook on lead vocals) and Sleeping at the Wheel help complete a more than decent fourth album.

Generally Matchbox Twenty’s albums have one song on them that I don’t particularly like. Busted, Feel and Sugar would be the ones but it wouldn’t make sense to like every song.

I still listen to each album and always will. Their albums are high quality with a variety of punchy and more subdued songs that keep your attention throughout.

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