Auzkin Dehumidifier

It’s neat, compact and absorbs water. What more do you want? Fancy lights… okay!

This is a tidy little addition to the house if you’ve got moisture, condensation and/or mould etc. It requires plugging in and makes a little noise but the sort of white noise that can help put a child to sleep. The water can build up to its maximum capacity (1000ml) quickly (Four or five days), well, in our small house it can! It’s extremely easy to pull out the draw, dispose of the water then return the draw.

It cost somewhere in the region of £40.00 and you certainly can’t argue with the volume of water that it collects. As you can see from the image, it doesn’t look too intrusive and the noise it makes really is background noise. It’s not going to disturb you, day or night. If you’re having moisture problems at home, this won’t completely solve the problem but it will help.

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