Five Films Not in the English Language to Watch During Lockdown

You’ve watched the documentaries that I recommended…

Then stayed up late to view my animated film suggestions…

Now it’s time to get over your aversion to subtitles (To be fair, you did that with some of the animated films!) and check out five films not in the English language. Enjoy…

The Motorcycle Diaries (2004)

An exhaustive insight into a motorcycle (Would you believe?!) expedition taken by Che Guevara and his friend Alberto Granada. Gael Garcia Bernal excels in the lead role.

Walter Salles’ 126-minute biopic showcases a beautiful landscape and possibly paints Guevara in a way that some might not expect… well, going off my limited knowledge as to who Che Geuvara would become anyway! Of course, the film is based on Guevara’s own diary.

The Beat That My Heart Skipped (2005)

There’s an awful lot of high quality French cinema from which to choose. Romain Duris just stands out to me as an actor who is on another level and so The Beat That My Heart Skipped makes the selection this time!

This remake of 1978 American film Fingers (Thought it was usually the other way around!) is a slow burner of a film. It’s intense which allows Duris to be at his best… or maybe he’s at his best because he’s being intense?!

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)

This film is just so original and different yet with a sincerity that makes it essential viewing. Sheila Vand and Arash Marandi are both superb in the leading roles and the soundtrack provides excellent accompaniment. If you haven’t seen an Iranian vampire film before then this is the place to start!

Goodbye Lenin (2003)

Another outlandish film, this time from Germany, with Daniel Bruhl in the lead role. The Berlin Wall has fallen but should Bruhl’s mum, who has just woken from a coma, receive such shocking news, it could be fatal… and so Bruhl and co. must prevent her from finding out!

Love Me if You Dare (2003)

Back to French cinema with Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet starring in this pushing the boundaries and tragic romance. Did I give too much away?

The pair begin playing a game of dares as children… but when will it stop?!

This is definitely a category that can accommodate a ‘Five More…’ post, so keep your eyes peeled!

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