Mars 2049

I was looking for a game that required greater skill and tactics than many luck focused games. I mean, is there really skill in rolling a dice?

That said, I didn’t want something ultra complicated. I wanted a game suitable for adults but that hopefully the kids can play in due course too.

Mars 2049 was the game that I found. Like most board games, it was selling for somewhere in the £20-£30 region. That’s around what you’d expect to pay for Monopoly etc. and much, much cheaper than some other board games. I’ve seen another Mars themed game going for £60-£70!

Quite simply, you need to colonise Mars. You’re required to use resources and build stations whilst making your way to the Martian North Pole. I’ve found that when two of us are playing we can find ourselves approaching the pole at the same pace but to be fair, this depends how aggressive you are tactics wise. It was very enjoyable to play with a total of four people which seems a sensible amount of players. Anymore and you could get frustrated waiting for your turn!

It seems as though the game isn’t too easy to acquire at the moment but if you can get your hands on it then it’s an enjoyable and moderately but not overly challenging game. I’ve enjoyed playing it before and look forward to doing so again.

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