Song of the Week #001


Welcome to what will be a regular feature of my new blog. Every Monday, I’ll post the link to the official music video or occasionally a live performance of my selection for that week’s Song of the Week!

There won’t necessarily be rhyme or reason as to why I’ve selected a song as Song of the Week. Generally my selection will just be a song that I like but from time to time a relevant theme or occasion, something topical in the media that week or the anniversary of an event might be celebrated.

I hope that you’ll enjoy hearing what will be a wide variety of songs from a diverse array of artists.

The artist provided with the honour of being Planet Paul’s first ever Song of the Week selection is Australia’s Ben Lee. From the album Something to Remember Me By… A Month Today…

Disclaimer: Yes, I realise that this is neither a music video or a live performance. The album was released in 1997 and this specific link was posted to YouTube more than three years ago… literally just 205 views at the time of writing!

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