Teacup and Infuser

Having been a tea drinker for many years, I turned to coffee a few years ago when waking at 3am became a prerequisite for work!

But variety is the spice of life and it was nice to get back to drinking a little tea from time to time. I’ve previously found that when drinking loose leaf tea, I often end up with very weak tea. That’s not been the case since receiving a teacup and infuser for Christmas. I also received a loose leaf tea spoon (Forgot to include that in the photo!) and crucially… some loose leaf tea!

Of course brewing the leaves for the right amount of time is crucial to getting a pleasant strength tea. The nature of this design is that the milk will be added after. I’ve found it a lot more efficient than egg or tong infusers that tend to leak leaves.

The mug is a perfect size and the spoon measures the precise amount required for a tasty cup of tea. Of course loose tea is more expensive than tea bags but the least any of us deserve is a high quality cuppa!

My equipment and tea was purchased from…


I told you that this blog would stretch beyond cricket!

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