A New Dawn!

It made sense to do so. It was basically all I ever spoke about! Poor unsuspecting victims would find themselves having to listen to my views on how to transform international cricket whilst realising that they had no way of escaping. I decided to start writing a blog as a way of getting my opinions off my chest with like minded individuals. This would possibly save those around me from having to endure a moan about a Yorkshire defeat, Ashes humbling or duck of my own at the weekend.

I was fortunate enough that a few kind souls regularly followed, liked and even commented on my thoughts… and there were many thoughts!

Around the time of the first UK Lockdown, I commenced a new football (Soccer) themed blog but in truth that struggled to get off the ground. In hindsight, I could possibly have started a less cricket dominated blog originally (That way I wouldn’t now have three blogs!) but like I say, it was all I ever spoke about.

My interests stretch far beyond cricket however. There’s football as mentioned and other sports too. I also enjoy reading… about cricket and football but also about many other things, mainly non-fiction. Hiking is another hobby of mine and like everybody, I’ll surely discover more interests as time passes.

I recently managed to watch a couple of films that I’ve been waiting to watch since I received the DVDs (Yes, DVDs!) a couple of Christmases ago. It’s not easy to find the time when you’ve got two children! I really enjoyed watching them and like the wide variety (Well, widish!) of books that I read, wish to share my thoughts and recommendations with people.

And so we arrive at a new blog. One that will feature my thoughts on cricket, football, film, literature and many other things. Such will be the variety of content that should you generously choose to follow me, you may see an article in your Reader and think “When did I sign up for this ?!”. If you followed because you enjoyed an extreme survival story book review then suddenly find an article about the England cricket team (In which you have no interest!) pop up before your eyes, then I apologise… though it’ll be your own fault and you can’t say that I didn’t warn you!

Please bear with me as I get up and running. None of the blog templates seem as straight forward as my original now defunct one that I use for my cricket blog. I also think that part of the reason that my football alternative didn’t take off is because everything linked to my cricket blog. I hope that everything will now bring you back… here!

All content will be my own. I’ll likely link to film trailers, songs and sports clips (Okay, so content won’t be my own) but any thoughts and images will be. I’m not on any social media which will remain my staple excuse for having so few followers!

Thank you so much for accidentally and probably regrettably stumbling upon my latest attempt at taking over the world and happy blogging… or/and following!

Paul… from the Planet Paul

Published by Planet Paul

I'm just an ordinary guy sharing my thoughts on various sports, entertainment and one or two other things!

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