Cycle Path Walk

Having walked snippets with the family, I marched the full 6k by myself!

It took me only one hour twenty minutes to complete. This included a couple of brief photo stops. I noticed the mushrooms (?) pictured above that I’ve not noticed before as well as mountains of moss, that I have noticed before. I also saw lots of squirrels. I really should’ve taken photos because they were often crouched or even stood up straight on, not just scurrying sidewards/away.

There were many nests in the barren trees and it’s hard to fathom that they’re still intact given that full trees have blown over…

Chainsaw wielding personnel were on with this!

Having clocked this previously, I believe that the above is a badger set. There are two sizeable entrances (Not particularly clear in the photo) much bigger than rabbit holes. Foxes have also been seen in the area so I guess that it could also be home to them and not badgers. I think that it has more of a badger vibe though. It does sit quite high but such is the lay of the land. There is a small stream that divides the path and earth from where the set/den sits.

I also believe that I saw two woodpeckers. One was in a bush right beside the path then flew to an isolated and sparse tree where there was another of the birds. Looking at my book/online, I can’t see what else they could’ve been. I heard what I thought were woodpeckers a little further on. The sound seemed to be coming from a different angle but they could’ve moved or my sound locationing was off!

I also saw lots of robins but unusually, not a single red kite. It was incredibly foggy mind so I couldn’t even see a very loud helicopter!

It was nice to just knuckle down and walk. As pleasant as it is with the family, two children mean that I spend a lot of time walking sidewards. Hopefully I’ll be able to go on a proper hike soon!

Yorkshire: One-Day Cup 2021

There’s been a lot written about how the scheduling of The Hundred will result in the One-Day Cup providing an opportunity for young players. I’m not aware of any specific rules, just that if a team has lost a lot of personnel to the franchises then they’ll have to field an XI from what they have left.

Yorkshire are no strangers to being short of star players. Many big names are often absent due to international commitments. This summer, England regulars such as Jonny Bairstow and captain Joe Root will be participating in The Hundred as will the likes of Adam Lyth and Matthew Fisher.

So who can Yorkshire pick?

Youngsters James Wharton, Ben Birkhead and Dom Leech amongst others have already tasted first team action. Spinner Sam Wisniewski even rocked up at the Abu Dhabi T10. Could the One-Day Cup present an opportunity for new permanent signing Dom Bess to display his white-ball credentials? He does seem an oddly inexperienced player in white-ball cricket. Matthew Waite is another one. He recently signed a new contract and will hope to have put a succession of injury problems firmly behind him.

Beyond those to have already made an appearance, the likes of Josh Sullivan, James Mukherjee and Yash Vagadia are some of the names that might feature on the scorecard. After many a disappointing headline, it’s welcome to see some diversity in the names and faces coming through the ranks. At the end of the day though, the best team needs selecting.

Don’t forget everybody from Gary Ballance to Steve Patterson too. Jonny Tattersall, Ben Coad and Jordan Thompson are all excellent players as well, even if they’ve been ignored by Hundred teams or national selectors.

Yorkshire have actually released a few players in recent times. Spinner James Logan departed meanwhile Ed Barnes and Jared Warner have moved to pastures new. In hindsight, may Yorkshire wish that they’d kept hold of a few more players?

As for the other counties, there are some criminally underrated or under appreciated players out there. The One-Day Cup should still be strong and it’ll be interesting to see the knock on effect that the competition has for England’s ODI side.

I’ve watched a lot of T20 and T10 highlights this winter and though some players struggle to adapt even from T10 to T20, I do believe that the best players can use their T20 experience to make themselves far more valuable fifty-over players. Of course, a lot of players are solely focused on nothing longer than the T20 game now.

Hopefully fans will be able to safely attend some games, whatever the format, across various competitions this summer.

Olympic Cricket: Which Format? The Results

The results are in and there’s no doubt about the people’s preferred format…

Screenshot 2021-03-03 at 12.19.48

Twenty20 it is!

That makes sense but I thought that T10 might appeal to some. T20 is more familiar to most though, whilst the logic of avoiding longer formats was clearly also applied by voters.

The votes of four random people can’t be ignored so I’ll forward this post to the Olympic committee!

The 2028 event in Los Angeles keeps being mentioned as a possible reintroduction for cricket. We’ll wait to see if it gets the nod and can be accommodated.

Crocus Pocus!

It’s noticeable how flowers in the garden as well as many other locations, are in bloom.

I’ve seen beautiful white snowdrops by roads and rivers as well as yellow and purple crocuses like those pictured above. Said flora sit beside the pond, starved of light early on in the day. Fortunately the sun is starting to hit heights and angles that will bake them for months to come. Having said that, I think these flowers come and go pretty quickly, if previous years are anything to go by! However more flowers should decorate the garden and other landscapes as the weather warms up.

Hopefully we can soon all get out more, go further afield and take in the beautiful flora in bloom.

Olympic Cricket: Which Format?

If cricket does soon become an Olympic sport, then which format of the game will be the best one to use?

You’ll need to think about the number of teams, grounds and matches and therefore what sort of competition can be incorporated into a sixteen-day long Olympic Games.

Whatever the results, if cricket does join the Olympics, then I hope that it can help spread the game globally. We don’t need another tournament played almost exclusively by Test playing nations.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that voting is only open for 24 hours. Look out for the results on Thursday and thank you for voting!

50 Up!

Hi guys

I never did reach a half-century when playing cricket. A determined last man out for 47 having opened the batting was the closest that I came. Oh, and I once struck 40 not out to win a T20 game.

On my now defunct cricket blog, I think that I reached around 150 followers, if you include all the marketing and Russian porn… I do!

Anyway, having spread my wings, I’ve now got fifty followers on my new blog… and most seem genuine. So yeah, this is one of those shameless “Look at me” posts. Oh, and committing to a post a day means that I need to fill some days with posts like this!

Many thanks for taking the time to visit my blog, to like, comment, follow and vote. My map is nicely shaded already so thank you once again. I enjoy the creative element but some attention does make it a little more worth it.

Happy blogging!

Nature’s Force!

A couple of days ago, my family and I were walking along the local cycle path when we were greeted with the above!

We’d actually walked from the other end only the day before but this would’ve firmly stopped us in our tracks early, had we set off from that end this time. At least on this occasion we walked from the other end, so clocked up 6k there and back.

We’d been warned about the tree which is why we walked on further than normal. Like I say, we were there the day before and this really could’ve been lethal. I’m assuming that it wasn’t (!) and that it went down overnight. The sun is set to shine for a while now, the frosty mornings and snow seemingly over but there are plenty of strong winds in Yorkshire at the moment.

It was possible to negate the tree but not with a pushchair! It’s a pleasant walk and has been vital for one of our daughters who uses a walking frame, and for us adults to get some exercise. You do have to be on your guard for cyclists though!

Anyway, this fallen tree was a reminder of nature’s immense force!

Five Space Films to Watch During Lockdown

Welcome to another selection of films to watch. This time we’re going out of this world!

Interstellar (2014)

A visually stunning and heartbreaking epic that sees Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway lead the search for a new habitable planet to accommodate Earth’s remaining population.

Matt Damon and Michael Caine co-star in this fantastic film that sees the crew (Cast!) go through a wormhole to identify which possible planet could be fit for purpose.

The film entwines impressive visuals and human emotion well. It’s a 169-minute outside the box film that has grossed in excess of $700 million! No, I can’t explain everything about it (Kind of like Donnie Darko!) but that doesn’t stop me enjoying it for what it is, an original and stunning film.

The Martian (2015)

Matt Damon couldn’t ‘t get enough of space so he went to Mars too!

I won’t lie, I kind of wish that I’d read the book of this film first. Damon is left for dead when a mission to Mars goes wrong… but he’s not dead… so needs to keep himself not being dead!

Will anybody rescue him?

Solaris (2002)

It’s a while since I watched this film and at the time, I wasn’t aware that it was a remake.

Psychologist George Clooney heads into space to investigate the goings on aboard a space station that is orbiting the planet Solaris. But he himself is not immune to the strange goings on in space!

Natasha McElhone co-stars in a film that sadly failed so sparkle at the box office.

The Red Planet (2000)

An out of this world cast including Val Kilmer, Carrie-Anne Moss, Tom Sizemore, Benjamin Bratt, Simon Baker and Terence Stamp star in this 2000 released 2050 set Mars based (Obviously!) film.

With Earth on its knees and Mars the only route out, the crew are sent to investigate what went wrong with a terraforming project. They get more than they bargained for!

Another Earth (2011)

William Mapother and Brit Marling are the faces at the front of this sensitive and unique film.

Their worlds collide at an intersection, creating tragedy but later a shot at redemption.

Like many space related films, this one might leave some questions unanswered (Or maybe it doesn’t and I’m really not very good at understanding films!).

So there you have it. Another selection of five films to tackle whilst stuck at home, though maybe you’re not but hopefully there’s still time in your life to sit back, relax and enjoy a good film!