Travel Accessories (Luxuries?)

I picked up all of the above from a shop called Savers (Appropriately) for just £12.35!

The purchases were made with my caravan holiday…

… in mind but also with a view to camping. Certainly the foldable toothbrushes (49p each!) and the matches (69p) will come in handy when out and about with the tent (And stove!).

The bag was £2.99 and has an internal pocket. There was a cheaper option but I preferred the look and shape of the one that I bought. I also paid for £0.49 for the shopping bag. This was in part because I think that I misheard the shop assistant but it’s actually a really cool foldable bag!

Disclaimer: Just to point out, the blue packet just right of centre are wet wipes, not anything else… though two children is enough thank you!

Fish Fatality!

Having only added the second pond a month or two ago, one of the four fish has died!

The obvious question is why? There are many possibilities. It may have just been its time and the relocation from my parent’s garden to ours is unrelated. I’ve had some algae issues (There’s no running water) in the pond and have been researching the causes. Did this contribute to the fish’s demise? Did the water get too hot? Did I overfeed it?

The remaining three fish seem active and I hope that they continue to live for some time. I’m yet to see any newts or frogs join them though both are plentiful in our original larger pond.

New(ish) Hiking Boots

After my ten hour 26-mile Yorkshire Three Peaks epic…

… finished off my Peter Storm boots, and with the 20-mile Harrogate Ringway on the horizon, I bought some new boots… well, sort of!

I bought the ones pictured above on eBay for just under £30. I went with Hi-Tec because I’ve got some, what I guess are hiking shoes/trainers that have served me extremely well.

I originally looked at Karrimoor but read a lot of reviews about eyelets breaking. That said, I read some negative reviews about the Hi-Tec ones that I purchased… but isn’t that the way on the internet? Some people claimed that the boots didn’t last long but they were walking dogs through saturated fields for mile upon mile every day. I only go hiking every few weeks or even once a month. Those Hi-Tec trainers that I mentioned are what I wear when I go to, well… anywhere but work and full on hikes.

Back to Karrimoor, the trainers that I wear to walk to and from work then up and down hard, old and steep stairs at work, averaging seven miles per day four days a week for about three years have, like the Hi-Tec trainers, served me incredibly well.

What will I get out of my new boots? The seller advised that they’d been worn a couple of times. They look brand new. I take the term waterproof with a pinch of salt but fingers crossed. Ahead of walking the Ringway next Saturday, I better get a few steps in in advance!


Hi guys

It’s been a while since I posted audio, in fact, this is the first time that I’ve done so on this blog.

You can find many cricket posts, audio and text at…

As for today’s, apologies for background noise and… distraction!

Something that I didn’t quite allude too is that the depth of quality pace bowlers in England is extremely high. That’s another reason why Crawley would be better served playing domestically.

What are your thoughts on the current state of England’s cricket team… or your team?


Seaside town Filey is an hour and a half’s drive from our home. Rather than just a day trip, we decided to have a full on holiday. It was our last chance before being tied to term times!

Filey is on the east coast, that’s the North Sea…. and it was absolutely freezing, in the sea that is. On land it was hot.

We stayed in a rather grandiose caravan park. In fact, it’s the biggest one of the entire chain. Our eldest daughter (Soon to turn five), who has a number of additional needs, enjoyed swimming and a variety of rides… including a small rollercoaster, small but a genuine rollercoaster!

Our youngest was less thrilled by rides and swimming. She at least seemed okay with water where she could put her feet, enjoyed the beach and also the caravan’s large TV!

Filey is easy enough to get too, has plenty of cafes etc and seaside tat shops. The beach is smooth though rockier toward the brigg (Which is worth exploring). You can walk from the caravan park to Filey, the brigg and back but there’s some steep up and downs (Particularly with a pushchair!) and make sure that you plan ahead. Crucially, this includes checking tide times!

Dolphins, or and porpoises have been known to make an appearance. Scarborough, Bridlington and Saltburn amongst others are alternative north east coastal locations that merit a day trip or even holiday.

I’m glad that we went… even if the neighbouring caravan’s TV could be heard on the other side of the North Sea!

Song of the Week #21

Welcome to the latest edition of Song of the Week. This time we’ve got something a little different… it’s a double bonanza!

When in Rome The Promise

Sturgill Simpson The Promise

Having originally heard Sturgill Simpson’s version and loved it, when I heard the original by When in Rome I… originally, didn’t like it but it’s since grown on me.

Enjoy and have a great week!

Christian Eriksen

It was horrific to witness the scenes in the Euro 2020 football yesterday, as Denmark’s Christian Eriksen collapsed against Finland.

In what was actually Finland’s first ever match at a major tournament, I looked up just as Denmark’s Eriksen fell to the ground. It could definitely be argued that the cameras should’ve panned away sooner. BBC were quick to point out that UEFA control the footage!

I didn’t expect a happy outcome but one solace was that the match was being played in Denmark. Fortunately, after receiving on-field CPR for an alarming amount of time, Eriksen survived.

The match restarted later in the evening. Finland went onto win 1-0 with Denmark missing a penalty…

There will be heroes in this tournament, the winning team, the scorer of a great goal… but the medical staff, in this case Denmark’s, can consider themselves heroes!

Come on England!

I’m back from my brief holiday (Post coming soon)!

Turkey and Italy kicked off Euro 2020(1) last night, with the latter running out comfortable 3-0 winners. More importantly, the girls are ready for England’s opening match against Croatia tomorrow. Well, they are… apart from the fact that one of them is ill in hospital!

A week or two ago, I made a rare venture into Primark (Bank holiday morning before work) and got both girls an England top for £6.99 each.

Euro 2020 (or Euro 2021), that’s the European Football (Or possibly soccer to you?) Championship, features an expanded twenty-four teams from, errr… Europe! There are no divided loyalties in our house. Well, there are… my wife’s French! The girls are authorised to support France if England are eliminated first.

Contrary to the general consensus, England have a tough group featuring Croatia, Scotland & Czech Republic. I don’t expect them to win the tournament (Pessimist!) but… you never know.

If you’re following the tournament then the best of luck to your team and enjoy the games!


At the risk of announcing a non-event… I’m going on holiday next week!

I tend to have a lot of posts scheduled but I’m on holiday so won’t be posting at all… because I tend to constantly fine tune and check my notifications!

I may not blog in the immediate days upon my return. Whilst it’s unlikely that there would be concern across the globe if Planet Paul didn’t post for a few days, I thought that I’d provide a heads up regarding my absence.

You’re going to have to get through this on your own. You’re going to have to get through each day without my wit, insight and knowledge. You can do this!

I’ll be at the seaside (Not far from the one pictured above) in a caravan, a pool and the beach with my wife and children… and there’s a pizza takeaway on site!

Oh, for those of you stateside and in the land of maple leaf, by holiday… I mean vacation!

If you’re lucky, I might just sneak in a (Very appropriate!) Song of the Week tomorrow morning!